Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Watching at the Mall of Asia Arena - Corporate / Premier Suites style!!!

Watching at the Mall of Asia Arena - Corporate / Premier Suites style!!!

Definitely one of the many perks in working for my company, experiencing SM Mall of Asia Arena's Corporate Suites!!! Last night we watched Keane Live in Manila at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.  I watched several UAAP basketball games in this venue the past months but this night is very special because I got to sit NOT in the lower box section, but in the Corporate Suite!

I love MOA Arena because it reminds me of Hong Kong's train system, the MTR! I love anything hi-tech! These are ticket scanners and they open automatically once tickets are scanned, just like using an octopus card in any Hong Kong MTR station :)

View of the court from the Lower Box Section

 View of the court from the Premier Suite

Food stalls outside the lower box section

There are a lot of food stalls to choose from on the lower box section and even more cocktail tables to accommodate patrons who bought snacks. This area is very spacious and there are just enough toilets in huge sizes to accommodate bathroom breaks. In the Premier Suites however, there are no food stalls but there is a "butler" in every suite at all times with menus and drinks list at hand to attend to our orders. Premier Suites are catered exclusively.

Check out this drink list specially crafted for UAAP teams!


The Premier Suites are just one level up from the Lower Box Section, & just below Upper Box A

The Premiere Suites

This is how it looks like inside the suite. Very spacious! This suite is even double than the suite pictured in Mall of Asia Arena's website. Four large couches with a large flat TV, 2 bathrooms & 2 mini bars with 30+ seats out the balcony.

Another side of the suite

One of the 2 mini bars (with a closer look on the image on the right)

View of the stage sitting at the Premier Suite balcony 

other Premier Suites

Keane Live!!!

I'm glad a was able to take photos pre-show :)

I really enjoyed the experience! I am not a big fan of Keane but I'm really glad I was there last night. I really felt the exclusivity specially with the butler just standing by, ready to take our orders. It was already lights-out in our suite just before the concert started. And though watching from the Lower Box seem closer, I still enjoyed watching from the balcony :) Sorry for the low quality photos, I just used my iTouch. 

SM Mall of Asia Arena
Sunset Avenue, Pasay City


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karen velasco said...

is premiere suite a free seating? or you should pay? how much if ever? because i saw the available tickets in edsheeran's concert and i saw there the premiere suite and then theres no payment it says there its a free seating, im just curious if its really the premiere suite that some fans can sit in. thanks

Cha-Cha Lim said...

Premiere Suite is an exclusive suite for companies/individuals who "bought" them for a certain time. You can only get in if you are invited by an individual or a company who has exclusive access to the premiere suites :)